Introducing the Cash4Debit Payment System.

This is computer program that emulates a bank card terminal eliminating the need of bulky processing equipment that consists of a Verifone SE 1000 pin pad and a MagTek Reader. You simply open the app and logon to your account. Just follow the steps, swipe a debit card on the MagTek Reader, enter the pin number and follow the prompts on the computer screen to complete the transaction.

This system works the same as the Counter Top ATM, also know as Cashless ATM.

Virtual Cash4Debit Pin Pad
  • Customers use their pin-based debit or bank card for their purchases
  • Customers pay a small convenience fee similar to what they pay at an out-of-network ATM
  • System is set up in $5.00 increments closest to just over actual purchase amount
  • Funds are deposited into the shop’s business account
  • No monthly fees – No chargebacks
  • Store pays only for equipment
  • Convenient for customer – no need to carry large amounts of cash
  • Customer has ability to increase size of order – impulse buying
  • Less cash transactions lower crime threats
MagTek Card Reader

Both pieces of equipment plug into your computer’s USB ports. No separate hookups to the Internet. PCI Compliant. No information stored on your computer.

Demo Video

Virtual Cash4Debit Video


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