ATM Program

If you have been vaulting your own ATM and it has been turned off, we can provide processing that will get you up and running again.

If you do not have an ATM, and would like to have one installed in your Dispensary, we do provide free placement services. Call or email for additional information.

There are many benefits of an ATM program for Dispensary owners. The ATM Industry Association reports that there are several advantages in having ATMs placed in a store or establishment.

Among these advantages are…

  • An increase in store traffic
  • No credit card fees

By providing you with an ATM, we can help you increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We work with each dispensary to determine the ideal placement of the ATM machine and we provide ATM signage to maximize customer traffic and ATM transactions.


For additional information email Chris Mills at GreenHouse Payment Solutions or call the office at 844-729-4768.



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