About Us

We have been helping small businesses set up payment processing for their customers and clients since 2004.

Here is what makes us stand out from other companies.

  • We give an unprecedented level of service and support
  • We guarantee low processing fees
  • Processing experience in the Cannabis Industry since 2009
  • Over 16 years experience in the Hospitality Industry – inspires the drive to provide a strong operation and customer service mind set
  • Honest, hard working, and determined to provide you with compliant processing solutions

By treating our customers fair and by providing honest services, we have experienced steady growth. We understand the problems of small businesses and have made a determined effort to provide the best payment processing solutions for our clients.

GreenHouse Payment Solutions Corporate Office

New Corporate Offices
Dominion Towers, 28th Floor, located in Financial District of Denver, Colorado.

Contact Information:

Chris Mills
CEO & Founder
GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC
600 17th St
Suite 2800 South
Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone: 844-729-4768
Email: chris@greenhousepaymentsolutions.com


Midwest Office

Midwest Office
National City Plaza

Contact Information:

Dean Scanlon
Regional Account Manager
GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC
20 S. Third Street
Suite 210
Columbus, OH. 43215

Phone: 734-812-5866