Introducing Greenvault Cannabis Dispenser

Greenvault Cannabis Dispenser
GREENVAULT CANNABIS DISPENSER – an advanced automatic dispensing machine for dispensing products to customers and clients.
Now your Medical Dispensary or Recreational Shop can cut down the waiting time for your customers as well as increase the productivity of your staff.

A customer standing in line waiting to make a purchase is them main cause for discontent and frustration. Customer discontent leads to lack of loyalty, and Budteller frustration can result in sloppy customer service.

A Greenvault Cannabis Dispenser can solve these problems and provide a pleasant shopping experience for customers, reduce the pressure on Budtellers, and increase sales and profits for the Dispensary.

The Greenvault Dispenser helps to free up the Budtenders so they can spend time with new customers or council with clients that may have a particular problem or need.

Regular returning customers who know what they want can easily obtain their product from the dispenser. No standing in line – just make a selection – pay at the dispenser – take the product – and leave! Quick! Easy! No hassle!

Greenvault Browsing StationsSeparate Browsing Stations can be set up to allow customers to scan a gallery of photos showing the variety of products available and stored in the Dispenser. Browsing Stations help to relieve a line build-up in front of the Greenvault. The customer makes the selection and pays at the Greenvault.
The Dispenser recognizes the customer from his/her membership card and by scanning their fingerprints. Payment is handled at the Dispenser by cash, loyalty card, or bank card where permitted.

Benefits for the Dispensary

  • Takes up only 5 sq ft of space
  • Holds 419 products in 4 different sized boxes
  • Secured from vandals and thieves
  • State of the art Software monitors client’s purchases and tracks products loaded
  • 24″ touch screen provides pleasant purchasing experience
  • Biometric control for secure deliveries to clients
  • Web-based Management Software allows detailed reporting on sales, loading and dispensing
  • Can be interfaced with Management Software
  • Can be networked with other machines at different locations

For more information on this exciting new technology for the Marijuana Industry, please email us from the form in the right column or call us at 720-327-0229.

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