Company Staff

Company CEO – Chris Mills

Chris Mills has been involved in the Electronic Payment Industry since 2004. His proficiency and savvy connects with all areas of electronic payment processing including banking, credit and debit card processing, e-commerce solutions, mobile payment systems, cash management, and more.

Chris Mills is the CEO of GreenHouse Payments Solutions, LLC. He has been offering payment processing solutions to the Cannabis Industry since 2009 and is recognized as a leader in this field. He is a member of the NCIA (National Cannabis Industry Association), the MJBA (Marijuana Business Association), and the Better Business Bureau. He has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, Phoenix Business Journal, KOAATV News, Under30CEO, and is an Anchor Advisor for Sensi Magazine. Chris keeps up with the latest news and trends concerning the problems facing the Cannabis Industry in regards to payment processing by attending the major Cannabis Industry forums, events, and conferences. He maintains close, personal relationships with Industry leaders such as Denver Relief, prominent Dispensary owners, and Banking officials around the country. Also, being located in Colorado helps Chris keep his pulse on all the latest happenings in this industry. The corporate office is located a half a block from historic Union Station in Downtown Denver.

Working with International Businesses, Engineers and Entrepreneurs, Chris has been instrumental in helping to introduce new technology to the Cannabis Industry, such as The GreenBox. This is an advanced automatic dispensing machine for dispensing products to customers and clients. Now, a Medical Dispensary or Recreational Shop can cut down the waiting time for their customers as well as increase the productivity of their staff.

Chris Mills entered the payment processing business after spending 16 years in the Hospitality Industry. There, he mastered all the various departments that make a modern hotel run efficiently and profitably. Chris authored Standard Operating and Procedure Manuals for hotels such as Hyatt Hotels and John Q Hammons. As a result of his efforts, national recognition and awards were granted to his departments over the years. Chris also was in charge of opening several new hotels around the country and the experience he gained in this field has translated over into the running of GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC. Chris has stated, “My 16 years’ experience in the Hospitality Field has inspired the drive to provide a strong operation and customer service mind set”.

Customer Service is the most important aspect of GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC. today. His company has continued to experience steady growth by treating his clients fair and providing honest services in this volatile payment processing environment. Chris believes that his business is “grassroots” and is geared to helping the individual Dispensary or MMJ Clinic to overcome their payment processing problems. There are always companies out there that make promises to solve payment problems with short term solutions that result in shut downs and disappointments. Systems such as load systems (loyalty cards), virtual banking, off-shore credit cards, etc., that even though may be legitimate, often are complex and soon fade away.

Chris says, “We do not offer any “Smoking Mirrors” – only “for real” payment systems that work, period! – We are here to stay.”

Marketing Manager and Website Developer – Frank Staber

Frank brings over 40 years of Selling and Marketing expertise into GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC. He has sold various products and services with different National Companies and has earned awards for Salesman of the Year, Salesman of the Month, etc. Over the last 25 years he has run his own successful Marketing businesses selling a variety of products both physically and on line. In fact, Frank has said that he has been on line practically since the Internet first started, claiming to have had one of the first real on line stores. He has successfully built and promoted dozens of on line shops since then.

Frank is involved in marketing GreenHouse Payment Solutions, LLC’s products and services nationwide and has developed training materials for our network of reps that represent our company. He also develops and maintains our various websites. He is a personal friend of Chris Mills and has known and worked with him for over 30 years. Frank has been a great asset to the GreenHouse Payment Solutions Team.

Account Manager – Tyler Hufford

Tyler is a former CPA with over 20 years of experience in Finance, Accounting and Sales with a focus in Commercial Real Estate and Small Business Finance. During his finance career, Tyler was instrumental in structuring debt and equity financing in excess of one billion dollars. He has worked in the Cannabis industry since 2013 primarily in establishing banking relationships and providing electronic payment processing solutions. Tyler manages a group of independent sales agents providing payment solutions to high-risk industries with a particular focus on the Cannabis Industry.

Account Manager – Dean Scanlon

Dean comes to Greenhouse Payment Solution with a background in Accounting, Sales, and Consulting. With a Degree in Accounting, Dean has worked with independently owned Craft Brewery owners to increase revenue, reduce cost, and manage their accounting objectives. Dean also has helped such companies put their product to market, with an outside distribution projection and a successful Game plan. Dean is passionate about helping Start-up and seasoned companies profit from the product they provide.
Prior to his consulting career, Dean was employed with a Fortune 500 Company that serviced private label credit cards (PLCC). This company provided marketing, processing, and customer service to over 200 retailers. Dean’s responsibilities were to manage the company’s relationship with its clients within the customer service department.
We are excited to have Dean aboard, confident his background will provide knowledge, experience, and outstanding customer service to a challenging industry.