Cannabis Financing

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Unsecured Working Capital Line of Credit:

A Line of Credit that you control- you only pay interest on the amount that you utilize. Use the Line of Credit as you need it, make interest only payments, or pay the balance off anytime you want. The funds will always be there for you to access.

Up to $50,000 unsecured, and up to $250,000 with collateral. One page application, 48 hours approval, and immediate access to your capital.

Use your good credit to access capital to grow your business.


Cannabis Real Estate Loans:

If you would like to own your facility rather than rent, let us tailor a mortgage that meets your needs. While most institutional lenders will not lend to the Cannabis Industry, we have partnered with several lenders that will.

Retail Storefronts, Warehouses, Grow Facilities and Office Space are all acceptable collateral for these mortgages.

Low down payment and reasonable interest rates are available for qualified borrowers.


Cannabis Equipment Financing:

Grow your business and your bottom line by investing in equipment. We offer equipment loans and leases that you can use to purchase the equipment you need.

Greenhouse/Farming Equipment, Manufacturing Equipment, Lighting, Display Cases, Computer Systems, etc. are examples of acceptable equipment for this program.

Low down payment and reasonable interest rates are available for qualifies borrowers.


How Do I Apply?

A one page pre-application is all that you need to get started. Just email us from the form on the right margin. Please include your business name and phone number and we will get back to you right away. Or, for even faster service, call our Financial Services Dept at 719-233-8434. Ask for Tyler Hufford.